Best States for Physicians to Practice in 2022

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Best States for Physicians to Practice in 2022

A physician is an excellent job worldwide, but some states in the US might be more beneficial than others. This doesn't only include income but the physical location itself - For instance, the environment, community, working opportunities, and more. 

Without question, the best state for you as a physician is somewhere where you enjoy living. However, if you're struggling to decide this, the options below could be favorable. 

  1. Alabama 

The first honorable mention on this list is Alabama, which is for a good reason. If you're fresh out of medical school, it could be rewarding and help you quickly pay off your student debt. The reason that's possible is that physicians in this state average around $348,000 each year, making the $200,000 - $250,000 student debt not so bad to pay off. 

Apart from this excellent pay packet, four specialties at UAB Hospital are ranked within the top 20 in the nation. Therefore, you'll be surrounded by like-minded professionals wanting to exceed further than expectations. 

  1. Kentucky 

Next is Kentucky, a state known for its impeccable workforce in education, car manufacturing, and healthcare. Additionally, the average salary isn't far behind Alabama's number one spot. In Kentucky, physicians earn a median annual salary of $340,000, which is impressive. 

Including this excellent salary, the cost of living is below the national average. Therefore, you can enjoy a generous salary, have the cost of living below the national average, pay off your student debt quicker, and lives a more financially secure life. 

  1. Oklahoma 

Another state that many consider is Oklahoma. The salary average is similar to the above, sitting at $388k each year. Again, it follows Kentucky's footsteps as an affordable state and is considered the fourth most inexpensive state to live in. 

Apart from this, Oklahoma City is rapidly growing in popularity. However, usually, this causes negative effects on a city. But this is much different in Oklahoma, because the city has now been rated one of the best for families

  1. Indiana 

Moving further up north is Indiana, and many love this state because of its passion for basketball, motor racing, and endless amounts of farmland. It's also excellent from a physician standpoint because it boasts an average salary of $377K annually

Physicians that choose to reside here are in for a treat. The healthcare system is strong, the community is excellent, and it's a safe place to raise children. 

  1. Missouri 

The last mention on this list is Missouri, and it offers a salary 117% larger than the nation's average at $322,000. Including the excellent earning potential, it's a very family-friendly area that's packed with activities. With 6 national and 100 state parks, it's somewhere that offers endless joy. 

Are you interested in making a change? 

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